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Cat Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

makeup for hooded eyes

The Classic cat eye is a timeless choice that can elevate hooded eyes, providing them with depth, definition, and a touch of glamour. We will provide techniques and tips to help you master cat eye makeup for hooded eyes.

Understanding Hooded Eyes

Before diving into cat eye makeup techniques, it's essential to understand hooded eyes. Hooded eyes refer to a specific eye shape characterized by an excess layer of skin that droops over the crease, partially or entirely obscuring the eyelid. This feature can make the eyes appear smaller and can pose a challenge when applying eye makeup.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cat Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

1. Preparing the Canvas: Eyeshadow Base

Creating a flawless base is crucial for any eye makeup look, and it is particularly important for hooded eyes. Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to ensure longevity and prevent creasing. Next, opt for a matte, neutral-toned eyeshadow to create a smooth, even canvas. Apply it to the entire eyelid, blending it up towards the brow bone. This step helps to create dimension and enhances the overall effect of the cat eye.

2. Mastering the Winged Liner

The winged liner is the focal point of the cat eye makeup. For hooded eyes, it's important to create a wing that elongates the eye and lifts the appearance of the lid. Start by using a waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner pen or gel liner for better control. Begin at the inner corner of the eye, drawing a thin line close to the lash line. As you move towards the outer corner, gradually thicken the line, extending it slightly beyond the natural shape of the eye.

To create a lifted effect, follow the natural upward angle of the lower lash line. Instead of drawing the wing in a straight line, use the lower lash line as a guide, angling the wing slightly upwards. Remember to keep the wing proportionate to your eye shape, as an overly long wing can overwhelm hooded eyes.

3. Enhancing the Crease

To add depth and dimension to hooded eyes, enhancing the crease is essential. Opt for a matte or satin eyeshadow shade slightly darker than your skin tone. Using a small blending brush, apply the shadow directly into the crease, focusing on the outer corner of the eye. This technique creates the illusion of a more defined crease, giving the eye greater dimension and making it appear larger.

4. Opening Up the Eyes: Inner Corner Highlight

To counterbalance the heaviness often associated with hooded eyes, adding a touch of brightness to the inner corner can make a significant difference. Choose a shimmery, light-toned eyeshadow or highlighter and apply it to the inner corner of the eye. This technique opens up the eyes, making them appear wider and more awake.

Cat eye makeup for hooded eyes is a transformative technique that can enhance the natural beauty of this eye shape. By understanding the unique features of hooded eyes and employing specific techniques, such as mastering the winged liner, enhancing the crease, and using inner corner highlight, you can create stunning cat eye looks that are sure to turn heads. Experiment, practice, and enjoy the process of discovering your perfect cat-eye style!


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