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How to Do Brow Lamination at Home

Lady Doing Brow Lamination At Home

Brow lamination is a beauty trend that has gained immense popularity in recent years. This technique helps to create fuller, thicker, and more defined brows by setting the brow hairs in place. Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows, but instead of curls, it lifts the brow hairs vertically. The result is a polished and groomed look that lasts for several weeks.

If you're wondering whether it's possible to do brow lamination at home, the answer is yes! While it's always advisable to get this done by a professional, you can achieve similar results with a DIY brow lamination kit.

Step-by-Step process of doing brow lamination at home.

Step 1: Choose a high-quality brow lamination kit

The first step to doing brow lamination at home is to choose a high-quality brow lamination kit. You can find many such kits online or at your local beauty supply store. Make sure that the kit you choose contains all the necessary products, including brow glue, lifting solution, neutralizer, and a spoolie brush.

Step 2: Prep your brows

Before you begin the brow lamination process, it's essential to prep your brows. Start by cleaning your brows with a mild cleanser or makeup remover to remove any traces of makeup or oil. Once your brows are clean, brush them upwards using a spoolie brush. This will help you see the natural shape of your brows and determine how much lifting you need.

Step 3: Apply the brow glue

Now it's time to apply the brow glue. Using the applicator brush provided in the kit, apply the glue to your brows in an upward motion. Make sure to coat each hair thoroughly with the glue, but avoid getting the glue on your skin. You may also want to use a brow brush to ensure that all the hairs are evenly coated with the glue.

Step 4: Apply the lifting solution

Once the brow glue is applied, it's time to apply the lifting solution. Using the same applicator brush, apply the lifting solution to your brows, making sure to coat each hair thoroughly. The lifting solution will help to lift and set the brow hairs in place. You may feel a slight tingling sensation when applying the lifting solution, but this is normal.

How to do Brow Lamination at Home

Step 5: Wait for the lifting solution to take effect

Once you've applied the lifting solution, you'll need to wait for it to take effect. This usually takes between 8-12 minutes, but it's important to follow the instructions provided in your brow lamination kit. Avoid touching your brows or getting them wet during this time.

Step 6: Apply the neutralizer

After the lifting solution has taken effect, it's time to apply the neutralizer. This helps to stop the chemical reaction and lock the hairs in place. Apply the neutralizer to your brows in the same way as the lifting solution, making sure to coat each hair thoroughly. Leave the neutralizer on for the recommended time, usually around 8-10 minutes.

Step 7: Cleanse your brows

Once the neutralizer has done its job, it's time to cleanse your brows. Gently remove the glue and neutralizer with a damp cotton pad or cloth. Make sure to remove all the product from your brows and avoid rubbing or pulling at them.


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