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Top 10 Products for a Beginner Lash Tech: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 10 Products

If you're just starting out as a lash tech, congratulations on embarking on a rewarding and exciting career! However, before you begin, it's important to have the right tools and products to create stunning lash extensions that your clients will love.

Top 10 Products required

  1. Lash Glue

  2. Lash Extensions

  3. Tweezers

  4. Under Eye Gel Patches

  5. Mascara Wands

  6. Microfiber Brushes

  7. Primer

  8. Adhesive Remover

  9. Lash Cleanser

  10. Lash Sealer

Lash Glue

Lash glue is an essential product for any lash tech, as it's the adhesive that holds the extensions in place. As a beginner, it's important to choose a glue that's easy to work with and has a longer drying time, giving you more time to make adjustments.

Lash Extensions

Of course, you'll also need lash extensions themselves! As a beginner, it's best to start with classic lashes, which are one extension per natural lash. You can then work your way up to volume lashes, which are multiple extensions per natural lash.


Tweezers are another essential tool for any lash tech, as they're used to pick up and place the lash extensions. It's important to have a good pair of tweezers that are comfortable to hold and have a precise tip.

Under Eye Gel Patches

Under-eye gel patches are used to protect the lower lashes and skin during the lash extension application process. They also help to keep the eye area moisturized and reduce puffiness.

Mascara Wands

Mascara wands are used to brush and separate the natural lashes before applying the extensions. They're also useful for brushing out any tangles or clumps after the application process.

Microfiber Brushes

Microfiber brushes are used to clean the lashes and remove any excess glue or debris. They're also great for separating and fluffing the lashes after the application process.


Primer is used to clean and prepare the natural lashes for the extension application process. It removes any oils or debris that could affect the adhesive bond.

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive remover is used to safely and effectively remove the lash extensions. It's important to have a good adhesive remover on hand in case any extensions need to be removed or replaced.

Lash Cleanser

Lash cleanser is used to clean and maintain the lash extensions, keeping them looking fresh and beautiful. It also helps to prevent any buildup of oils or debris that could affect the adhesive bond.

Lash Sealer

Lash sealer is used to protect and extend the life of the lash extensions, as well as to give them a glossy finish. It helps to seal the adhesive bond and prevent any debris or oils from affecting the lashes.


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